We procure fresh milk from more than 1.25 lks farmers every day across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Each and every farmer's milk is tested for its quality. Based on the quality and the number of liters delivered by the farmer, his or her total amount is calculated. The two parameters tested for determining quality are Fat% and SNF%. The payment is done promptly as per payment terms. We take great pride in maintaining this track record for more than 25 years.

The collected milk is transferred to about 100 chilling centres spread across rural South India. Once all the vehicles arrive and the milk is chilled and the samples are taken for testing. Once the tests are completed and the suitability of the entire chilling centres milk is confirmed to meet our strict quality norms, the milk is sent to the processing units. At the processing units, the milk is put through more tests before taking it up further processing and packaging. All this ensures that you get the best quality and tasty milk and milk products every time.



What We Do and How Do We Do

Each and every day, we get fresh milk from more than 1.25 lakh farmers to bring the goodness of milk to you.

We constantly make efforts to contribute meaningfully to the lives of farmers in areas we operate in. Our programs on integrated animal husbandry, and sustainable farming enable farmers enhance their income levels by adopting best practices in Dairy farming. Our free vet camps enable the animals get checked by expert doctors and medicines are given free of cost.

Giving back to our communities is important to us. We work closely with government schools near our plants and support them with required infrastructure like school benches, drinking water facility, Digital learning tools like computer, projectors etc to enable children have a more holistic learning experience.