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When milk is absent from the dinner table or ends up in the washbasin, kids don’t get the calcium and vitamin D they need to build strong bones. And calcium and vitamin D aren’t the only child-friendly nutrients in your milk jug. It’s also a top source of protein, needed to support children’s rapid growth. Children over 12 months of age need to get 2 cups (500 ml) of milk every day because it is the main food source of vitamin D and an excellent source of calcium.

But if your child just says no to milk, get creative. Many kids who won’t drink milk will happily eat yogurt and cheese (you can swap 100gms of cheese or a cup of yogurt for a full glass of milk). They’ll also usually drink chocolate milk. If you’re concerned about extra sugar, make your own lighter version by stirring a couple of teaspoons of chocolate syrup into low-fat or fat-free milk. Do try some of the recipes we have for you.

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